Thankful for my shadow, I can now see my light.

Perhaps, through the process of integrating our shadow, we discover new depths in our sense of self. We meet powerful parts of ourselves that we ¬†may not have acknowledged had we not gone into our own abyss. The¬†shadow as an unconscious aspect of the personality which the conscious ego does not identify. -C.G Jung How […]

Depression hurts. You are not alone.

Seasons changing, weather is darkening, holidays are coming. How are you feeling? Would you like support? A few basic tips to help treat depression include: – Getting restful sleep – Hydration – Healthy nutrition – Exercise – Time with community If you are feeling depressed, and need some help navigating what to do about it. […]

The best version of you is possible

  The best version of yourself is closer than you think. What would you need to allow, release or create in order live the best version of yourself? Living with less depression, less anxiety and less stress is possible! Start the process today at

Are you feeling burned out?

Are you feeling burned out? We can all get caught up with our lives and stop taking care of ourselves. Taking time for yourself and creating healthy boundaries is key! Start simplifying and letting go. Trade unhealthy behaviors for healthier ones. Rest, hydration, nutrition, community, and exercise builds the foundation for mental health self care. […]