Transpersonal Counselling

Seek out that particular attitude 
which makes you feel most deeply and vitally alive.
Along with which comes the inner voice, which says, this is the real me.
When you have found that attitude, follow it.
William James

Transpersonal counseling
Transpersonal counseling can be understood as the melding of wisdom from the spiritual traditions with the exploration of modern psychology. Exploring fundamental questions, such as “who am I?” through therapeutic, religious, spiritual and cultural motivations. The transpersonal counseling answer to this question is to look deep and within. Developing the self while honoring the urge to go beyond the self. In moving beyond the confines of the self, consciousness is seen to open up to ranges of experiences. Conscious is seen to be a vast, A multidimensional existence wherever new aspects of being are manifested. Transpersonal counseling enlarges the vision of modern psychotherapy to include a wider view of the co-participatory nature of the personal psychological history and one’s view of physical daily reality.

Beyond the persona
The etymology of transpersonal is trans and persona.
Trans: above and beyond ordinary consciousness.
Persona: the way one behaves, talks, etc., the image or personality that a person presents to other.

Relationship with others
Transpersonal counseling is an approach to understanding the way our minds operate through relationship with others and self. Coming to an awareness of the bigger and deeper space that exists between all things and us.

Transpersonal is seen as a panoramic counseling with additional awareness in aspects perinatal and transpersonal domains. Perinatal - related to birth, and transpersonal - comprising ancestral, racial, collective, karmic experiences, myth and archetypal dynamics.

Experience the sacred in everyday life.
Thomas Moore 

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