Depression hurts. You are not alone.

Seasons changing, weather is darkening, holidays are coming. How are you feeling? Would you like support? A few basic tips to help treat depression include: – Getting restful sleep – Hydration – Healthy nutrition – Exercise – Time with community If you are feeling depressed, and need some help navigating what to do about it. […]

Are you feeling burned out?

Are you feeling burned out? We can all get caught up with our lives and stop taking care of ourselves. Taking time for yourself and creating healthy boundaries is key! Start simplifying and letting go. Trade unhealthy behaviors for healthier ones. Rest, hydration, nutrition, community, and exercise builds the foundation for mental health self care. […]

What is Mindfulness and Contemplative Psychotherapy?

Deep within the human spirit, Largely severed from its ancient moorings, There is a new search unfolding. For a larger vision of the human journey, That includes all the different sides of our nature. John Welwood Mindfulness and Contemplative Psychotherapy Mindfulness and contemplative psychotherapy asserts that our basic nature is characterized by clarity, openness and […]