Chrystal Nelthropp, MA, LPC

Reasons I do this work

A passion for listening to stories and experiences.

Honoured to be a trusted confidant and co-facilitator along the healing path.

Respect for the healing process, and the freedom it creates.

My approach to therapy

My approach is compassionate, integrative and present-centred.

Client care is designed around the health and wellbeing of each individual.

I believe you are the expert in you.

I use my experience and education to help you create the life you want to live.

You are not alone

Together we will help you connect with the resilience and wellbeing that lies within. 


Licenses & Certifications

Licensed Professional Counselor credentialing (LPC #C4615) from Oregon, USA.
Certified as a Distance Certified Counselor (DCC) from the United States 2017.


I have 7 years experience as an English speaking psychotherapist, counsellor and coach in Portland Oregon, USA, and internationally based in Berlin Germany at  I have spent a decade working in geriatric psychiatric care and at a Psychiatric Inpatient Hospital. Worked with addiction recovery, HIV prevention, and groups. I have spent a decade coaching and consulting with health care agencies and start-up companies.


Masters of Arts, Transpersonal Counseling Psychology
Naropa University, Boulder Colorado
Transpersonal Counseling Psychology is an integrative view of human psychology. In addition to viewing psychology from the perspective of innate wholeness and inner resilience, Transpersonal Counseling Psychology examines the psychological experience along with the vast realm of human spiritual phenomena that include mystical or religious experiences, intuition, different states of consciousness, creativity and contemplative practice.

Bachelors of Science, Health Psychology and Spirituality
Bastyr University, Seattle Washington
Health Psychology is an orientation collaborating the interrelationship of physical health, psychology and spirituality. Exploring the integration of mind, body and spirit helping clients create a rich quality of life.

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