Holistic Counseling

You are the expert on you

Sometimes we need someone to talk with if we're stuck. It's okay to ask for help.
Ultimately, I believe you are the expert on you. Meaning you hold the insights in yourself.
I hold the experience and education, to join you as you move through the process of therapy and uncover these insights.

Integrative Counselling

I blend three main counselling disciplines - GestaltContemplative and Transpersonal. Assessment and treatment plans feature aspects from physiological, psychological, sociological, and behavioural symptoms. Myth, spiritual, religious and cultural practices are woven in.


You are worthy of thriving.

I work with...

Counselling sessions with individuals and couples, for adults 18 years through elders.
All expressions of self-identity and diversity are welcome. Including female and male cisgender, non-binary, and LGBTQI. All religious, spiritual, agnostic, atheist, cultural beliefs and practices welcome. Traditional and non-traditional professional, creative and economic lifestyles welcome.

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