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What is holistic psychotherapy?

Taking a pause to experience the beauty of the present moment.
Taking a pause
to experience the beauty of the present moment.

“What is holistic psychotherapy?”

As you can imagine, I am often asked to define holistic psychotherapy. It’s a great question. One that I’m happy to share with you here.

Below is a short and sweet working definition of the term. I say working definition, because like any science, psychological theories are always expanding. Following their own holistic pattern, the theories I use deepen and shift with time and practice.  In general, I follow a humanistic, client centered and integrated therapeutic approach to providing care.

Holistic psychotherapy addresses mental, emotional, physical and spiritual development as an integrated whole. Holistic psychotherapy views distress resulting from outdated psychological patterns as opportunities for clarity and change. Experienced differently within each person, psychological patterns pave enduring cognitive, emotional and behavioral pathways that may negatively effect one’s ongoing adaptations to life. In additional to being experienced through thoughts, feelings and behaviors, a sense of disconnect can be felt physically and spiritually. Feeling stuck, or ambivalent, these pathways effect our inner experience of self, and our experience of relationship and the world around us.

Behavior, thoughts and feelings that at one time served to protect us, no longer fit. Working with these patterns therapeutically, one finds relief and movement. Creating flow where there was once a block.

Holistic psychotherapy promotes self awareness and intention to create change. Through discussion, psychological interventions, somatic inquiry, and mindfulness one is encouraged to move through and release cycles of maladaptive behavior. Emotional insatiability, stress, fatigue and spiritual disconnect fall aside as life begins to have a greater sense of balance and ease. Learning to develop one’s own personal self-care system, pathways to inner resilience are developed and enhanced. Through this resilience a sense of basic goodness arises for one’s own process. One learns to identify where they came from, who they are, and becomes available to exploring who they would like to be.

To integrate body, mind, soul discovery into practice, I use theories from Gestalt Psychotherapy, Mindfulness and Contemplative Psychotherapy, and Transpersonal Psychotherapy disciplines. For more information on these therapies click here.

If you have questions regarding the psychological journey, or would like assistance exploring your path to wellness, contact me today at holisticportland.com.

Warmly, Chrystal



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