Working with depression holistically

Working with depression holistically.

Have you considered that your third chakra may be deficient?

Working with depression holistically, one takes into consideration body, mind and soul alignment and deficiencies. In her book Eastern Body, Western Mind, Anodea Judith believes that one who is suffering from depression is feeling the influence third chakra deficiencies. Let’s explore what this means, and how one would work to heal it.

Third chakra basics

Located at the solar plexus. Associated with the color yellow. Developed during age 18 months to 4 years. Related tasks are to develop autonomy, language, impulse control. Develop the mastery of holding on and letting go. Physical development includes toilet training. Definition of self is created.

“This stage, therefor, becomes decisive for the ratio of love and hate, cooperation and willfulness, freedom of self expression, and it’s suppression. From a sense of self-control without loss of self-esteem comes a lasting sense of good will and pride; from a sense of loss of self-control and of foreign overcontrol comes a lasting propensity for doubt and shame.” Eric Erikson

Third chakra deficiency

Fear, guilt and shame are according to Anodea are the dominating influences of third chakra deficiency that can perpetuate feelings of depression. “Fear contracts the energy at the base of the chakra,  guilt restricts the flow of movement, and as a result there is very little energy radiating from the chakra as it is restricted before it even gets there. The energy that does arrive is bound by shame” (p.212). Depression may occur frequently, as the energy of the body is literally held back. An compensation by an ego feeling weak, that is trying to cope with conflicting emotions, lowered self-esteem, and a desire to withdraw.

In reaction to these blocked energies, one may collapse into feelings of defeat or overcompensate and engage in constant activity in an attempt to push through feelings. An important thing to realize, is that these behaviors are happening unconsciously. A key to working through depression, is to bring the unconscious into consciousness. Ignorance promotes a continuation of the same experience. Awareness of one’s patters of reactive energies that are both excessive and deficient, provides the foundation for feeling better. Working through depression and third chakra deficiencies offers a sense personal power, and momentum towards lasting feelings of ease and wellbeing.

Anodes’s tool’s for healing the third chakra deficiency

Anodea believes that if the chakra is deficient, ones energy needs to be built up slowly, “as if kindling a fire”. (p.214). Using the fire of confidence, discipline and self-care one can rebuild our energy resources.

Eat to feel better

Increasing metabolic energy through physical attention to diet; reducing sugar, fat, additives, caffeine, and processed foods help our inner fire burn cleanly. Eating at regular intervals will assist the fire to burning consistently, helping one maintain stamina and endurance for the emotional process of working through depression.

Move to feel better

Aerobic exercise, stretching, yoga, swimming, dance and movement help to build feelings of personal power and vitality. As energy flows consistently and evenly, ones self-esteem increases and depression symptoms decrease. Feeling more engaged in the physical body also helps feel more grounded to the here and now, rather than lost in feelings of fear, guilt and shame. Excessive third chakra’s need let overcompensating energies have outlet. Opening up to emotional expression, grounding exercises, and softening to self compassion allow excess energy to discharge.

Increase self-esteem to feel better

The deficient third chakra need’s to feel support and nourished. Begin to feel life flowing again by feeling into ones ever changing emotional experience, noticing areas of collapse, areas of overcompensation, and giving voice to places within one’s self which feel stuck and powerless. Strengthening a sense of self worth and soothing the ego wounds helps develop one’s will to engage in life. Talk therapy, journaling, and creative expression can assist this process.

You will feel better

Working through depression and healing third chakra deficiencies helps to build ego strength and self-esteem. Developing authentic contact with the self and its ever changing needs. Creating space for growth and nurturing, Working through shame, meeting challenges open heartedly, and engaging in healthy stimulating activities helps to release fear. It loosens one up to spontaneity, and feelings of ease and wellbeing. Working with these forces one feels a greater sense of personal power and feels better overall.

For assistance working with depression and chakra deficiencies reach out to and schedule your session today. Your wellbeing is waiting.

To feeling feelings and healing chakra deficiencies!

With love, Chrystal

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